It has been 6 months. 6 months since I’ve been in my childhood room. 6 months away from my family. 6 months away from the great state of Texas. Being home after a long period of time always makes me a little nostalgic. I begin to think of how things have changed since my last time home. How my bedroom is rearranged to be a guest room. How my parents attend Mass at a different church than my home parish. How my dog can’t greet me at the back door when I come home anymore. But I also think of how some things stand the test of time. How my mom and dad still tease each other about who’ll being doing the dishes. How my brother always uses me to practice his new two-step moves on. How Whataburger still is and always will be my favorite place to go for late night snacks. Everything about home simply amazes me.

But the most mind boggling part of returning home after such a long time away is realizing how much I have changed since I’ve been here last. The last time I laid in this bed was 6 months ago. At the time, my heart was healing from years of wounds. I was weary of a new relationship arising. I was my own worst critic. I was dead set on becoming an occupational therapist. My heart ached from the lack of friendship with my fellow women. I had change quickly approaching and I was afraid what was going to come of it.

Now, I sit in the same bed 6 months later. I’m here with a healed and mended heart capable to love and be loved. Happily in love with a man that’s merciful heart leads me to the Cross daily. Content in who I am and joyously accepting myself, even in my shortcomings. In authentic friendships with women that inspire me and push me towards Heaven. And I sit here excited to see what the future has in store for me, whatever it may be.

In just 6 short months, God has done some pretty big things in my life. 6 months ago, I could’ve never seen myself coming back home like this. If God had told me all the things that He had planned for me during that time, I probably would’ve laughed and said, “Yeah right.” But God likes to do that. He enjoys catching us off guard. He has fun in surprising us in the most unexpected ways. He finds joy in loving on us when we don’t suspect anything. And He never ceases to amaze me with His bountiful amount of blessings that He pours into my life. All I can do is praise the Lord for His constant goodness! Thanking Him for looking with favor upon me, His lowly servant. These past 6 months have been grace filled thanks to Our Loving Father.

Though time changes things and home becomes less and less familiar, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Although I may change, when I come home I’m reminded of how the Lord has been so good to me. How His work within me has been full of good fruit. I get to see who I used to be and reflect on His goodness in my life and how He has done marvelous work within my heart. Sometimes it can be sad, looking back and seeing how my home has changed drastically from my memories of it, but I find comfort that God has willed these changes. He does not wish for me to remain as I am. He longs for me to be in constant pursuit of His Most Sacred Heart. He asks me to open my heart to Him and allow Him to do as he wishes with me.

So cheers to being home! Cheers to the changes of heart, mind and soul that has occurred over the past 6 months! And lastly, cheers to a gracious Creator that loves us far too much to have us remain as we are!


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