To Veil Or Unveil?


For a good two years now, my heart has been drawn to veiling when in the presence of Christ. I never put much thought into doing so since I wasn’t very sure why women chose to veil in the first place. The women who I did know that veiled at Mass had grown up with it as a tradition and it seemed unnatural for someone already grown up to randomly choose to veil themselves. But the tug on my heart would not stop. The idea of humbling myself in front of The Lord in an outward form of expression kept stirring in my soul. Why wouldn’t I cover myself before Christ? By no means am I worthy of such a wonder as to consume Christ. But He has chosen to love me and humble Himself down to the bread in the host that becomes His Body. The Lord of the universe chose to humble Himself down to a small circle of bread for me? With all the power He contains, He decided not to use it on the world with extreme signs nor with unimaginable spectacles but chose to humble Himself to a form so vulnerable. Just as He chose to die on the cross for me, He’s chosen to make Himself so vulnerable that I may consume Him and be united with Him in a tangible and earthly way. We have a God who loves us so much to put aside His power and control He could choose to have over is, and instead become an edible piece of bread so that we may become more like Him when we are united with Him through the Eucharist.Knowing that, when receiving the Eucharist my heart is filled with an unfathomable joy.
The Mass, the wedding between Heaven and Earth, is taken place within each and everyone of us during Communion. Personally, as I approach Our Savior down the aisle of the church, it is my wedding day. I’m walking to my One and True Love, Jesus Christ. When I say, “Amen” I am saying, “I do” to being one with The Lord forever. When I receive My Savior, I’m kissing my bridegroom at the alter because He is the one who my heart longs to be one with. It only makes sense that He has called me to veil myself when I come to Him in the Eucharist. I am His bride and He is my bridegroom.
Look to Our Mother, the perfect spouse of the Holy Spirit, who gave the most beautiful fiat to The Lord as she said, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word”(Luke 1:38). She became the living tabernacle of Jesus for 9 months, and every Mass God allows me to become that same living tabernacle, even if it is just for a second. In Exodus, the Holy of Holies where God dwelt in the Ark of the Covenant was veiled by extravagant linens and material. Only the priest was allowed to enter once a year because of how sacred a place it was. The tabernacle is where God dwells. I, the entire Catholic Church, become The Lord’s tabernacle; the dwelling place of God. By His grace alone, we become the dwelling place of Our Lord and to me that’s kinda a HUGE deal.

Looking back at all of it, I don’t think there was ever a question: to veil or unveil? My groom is waiting for me every Mass to walk down that aisle to Him. Why not be His bride in an external way that personifies the pure joy of the union of my soul with its Creator?


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