As my first post I believe it is fitting that I give an explanation for the title of this blog, “Sehnsucht.” More likely than not, this is a new word to most people, and I would be lying if I said it was not for me. Recently I came across the word sehnsucht and it fascinated me. The dictionary describes sehnsucht as, “the inconsolable longing in the human heart for we know not what”; a yearning for a far, familiar, non-earthly land one can identify as one’s home.

One thing came to my mind when I read this definition; Heaven. As a child, I was told by my mom of how I always told her I wanted to go home, even when I was in my own house. And every time I exclaimed this to her, she asked me, “What do you mean? You are home.” But little six year old me was not talking about my earthly home, but my heavenly one. Even at the mere age of six, I had already realized where my heart wanted to be. A desire to be with my Creator was instilled in me at a young age and drove me through the years in all that I did. My one goal in life has become to reach complete unity with the Lord in Heaven. Ultimately, all of us should have Heaven as our final destination, or at least planning on it. And that is why every day, I strive to do all that I can to achieve that unity.

In the depths of our hearts, we all have a longing for something. Some try to satisfy this desire with love of another, some with some sort of substance, but nothing of this world will fulfill the needs we have. Only the love of the Father will quench the thirst we have inside of us. Therefore, that unknown longing in the human heart is not unknown, but rather very present to us. Sometimes it takes some trial and error for us to come to this conclusion, but that home we search for during our time on Earth is  to be united with Christ in Heaven. Little me had insight far beyond her years. Yet it is not until today that I can honestly say that the one and only sehnsucht I long for is eternity with my Father in Heaven.

Searching for sehnsucht in a world with false idols, secularism, and hedonism will not be a walk through the park. Entering into this battle will challenge my faith, but in the end I will prevail over all the odds and reach my final destination with triumph and be able to celebrate it with my Father.

“God created us to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this life, and then enjoy Him in the next life, in heaven.”  -St. Pius X


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